30 January 2013

Quick crochet coasters

Apologies for the brief break in posting. I have a little confession to make in as much as I've spent most of my blogging time recently playing with some free graphics software I found and making pretty pictures for my blog. I'm new to this sort of thing, but I'm quite proud of the results for a first attempt, although it's took me forever and I'm still not 100% happy with the results, but it's a start!

Anyway, back to the main point of this post! Earlier this month I happened upon a great guest post by LuluLoves over on Claireabelle Makes with a tutorial to make some cute crocheted coasters. At the time I was getting bored and frustrated with essay writing and revision, so I had a dig around in my craft cupboard and set to during my study breaks. A little bit of quick and easy crochet was just what I need to keep me sane, so thank you LuluLoves and Claireabellemakes!

Pink and cream crochet coaster. Pattern by LuluLoves

I finished the last of the set of four last week, all bar sewing in the ends, but over the weekend I decided to make a couple more to make it a set of 6.

Blue and pink crochet coasters with a spotty tumbler. Pattern by LuluLoves

It's been so miserable here the last few days that it's taken me forever to get decent photos as opposed to instagram ones, but at last today the sun actually shone! I was so shocked I opened all the windows to let the fresh air in, declared it spring and then promptly sat and froze for the best part of an hour before giving in!

Pink crochet coaster under spotty tumbler. Pattern by LuluLoves

They were really quick and easy to make and the pattern was really easy to follow, so they'd make great gifts or just nice things to make for yourself. I can definitely see myself making them again in another colour way as presents.

Thanks again to LuluLoves and Claireabelle Makes for the tutorial!



  1. They look lovely! I am going to make some in purple yarn and silver yarn this week :)

    1. Thankyou :) Ooh purple and silver ones sound good! I'm already trying to think who I can make some more for as presents.

  2. They look great! I did exactly the same when the sun came out yesterday (living in hope of an early spring!) Thanks for sharing. Em xx (lululoves)

    1. Thankyou for the pattern! It would be nice to have an early spring wouldn't it? Or at last a few more breaks from the rain!
      Alex xx


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