1 February 2013

January 2013

It's the first of the month and I actually have an instagram round up ready for you! I think it's possibly the first time I've managed that.

aLittleBlonde - January 2013 Instagram

Top: New Year's Eve with the old lady, my first crochet coaster, snuggled up in my jammies making good progress on my cross stitch, very early morning snow (no I did not wake up at the crack of dawn and proceed to jump up and down like an over-excited child)
Second Row: More snow, Hector doing his seal impression, a cosy afternoon spent hiding from the snow, cheesy llamas to aid the uni work
Third Row: My housemate made the most amazing sausage plait, yet another naughty study break, I made cherry and almond cupcakes and finished stack of crochet coasters
Bottom: More cupcakes, met a tiny ticket man, yet more crochet coaster love, had my first creme egg.
You can find out more about the crochet coasters here.

Now I know it's a little early to be eating creme eggs, and it does annoy me when shops start stacking the shelves with them on boxing day, but I really do rather like them. And it's nearly Lent you see and I'm giving up chocolate, so I need to get my fix in now!

Back when I was in 6th-form my school made us all do a General Studies AS level and it was a bit of an in joke that no one took it seriously. Apparently most years someone within the year comes up with a word or phrase that people attempt to get into the exam. In our year that word was creme egg. A lot of people said they managed it, mostly using the creme egg as a metaphor for life etc etc, but being the geek I am I steered clear. I'd love to see some statistics on how many people actually managed to fit it in though. And I wonder if anyone got docked marks for poor spelling, given the number of people that claim to have written about cream eggs.


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