4 January 2013

Blog Clear Out (ahem)

I follow too many blogs. Way too may. It really is an illness you know, at the moment there are 85 blogs that I'm subscribed to and 31 posts waiting to be read. That's quite frankly shocking. And you want to hear the scary thing? I read every single one of them. Every. Single. One. I refuse to ever click the read button, unless it's a post from my blog of course.

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So what have I done about it? I've made myself a spreadsheet. Yes, a spreadsheet I hear you exclaim. This girl is clearly studying for a Psychology degree and has been drilled in statistics to within an inch of her life. That and she is quite obviously a geek and proud of it. What can I say? I love a good spread sheet, I think they're pretty.

What's in my spreadsheet? Well, there's the date I last reviewed that particular blog's place in my blogroll, it's name obviously, the category I've filed it under in my bloglovin' feed and which social networks it's a member of, complete with usernames. It's a mini blogland database if you will. I'm thinking of making a blogroll mark 2 to include ravelry and etsy/folksy shops as well and maybe a bit of colour coding. With the help of my trusty spreadsheet I shall be able to keep an eye on the blogs I read, and hopefully weed a couple out from time to time?, and be an all-round more organised and happy bunny.

See - I told you it was an illness! Some people collect teapots, some collect anything with a frog on (Grandma) and some people collect small model elephants (Great Aunt Gendy). It appears I collect blogs. Well I suppose there are worse things to collect, at least they don't take up any physical space, only virtual, and they require little to no dusting...

Ok, well maybe I haven't really managed a clear out, but I have at least created some order. That's enough to keep me happy for now. And maybe some of the contents of that little spreadsheet of mine will make it into a little blogroll page in my navigation bar. Maybe. At some point in the future.

Anyone else fancy coming clean about how many blogs they read, Blog Readers Anonymous style? All are welcome, no matter how shocking the revelation.

Happy Friday,

Edit: I've just realised that Blog Reader's Anonymous' acronym would be BRA. Haha, I rather like that. Perhaps that's an idea for a regular feature for some time in the future?


  1. Wow, impressive! I love that you did this.

    There are so many blogs in my Blogger blogroll that I don't read all of them all the time. It's quite haphazard. I also follow in different ways, somedays I'll go through Hellocotton, other days my dashboard, other times I'll click through from my Bloglovin' email...! Basically I'm your worst, most disorganised blog reader nightmare! But I'll confess: I kinda like it that way... ;)

    1. Haha, I think I'm so organised with my blog reading because I'm so paranoid I might miss something really good! Only problem with that is the unread posts really do tend to back up. At the moment I've got about 90 unread posts waiting and the oldest one was only written on the 15th! I really do have a problem! :P

  2. Haha this is brilliant! Can you come and organise my life? - I keep thinking a spreadsheet for this or that would be so helpful! I made it a new years resolution to get more organised this year although I'm not sure I'll get round to organising the blogs I read for a while yet :)) Em xx

    1. I am an obsessive organiser on paper, it's just the putting into practice bit I'm not always good at. If you could get a degree in list making I'd certainly pass with a first!
      aLittleBlonde xx


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