21 January 2014

Dear little blog

Dear little blog,

I'm sorry I've rejected you a little, well really quite a lot recently. It wasn't really intentional, just a lot of things changed in my life, I lost my routine and blogging began to feel a little bit more like a chore than a pleasure. But I'm not ready to hang up my blogging boots just yet, so I'm vowing to take a more relaxed approach this year and try to be far less of a perfectionist, and that means going back to basics a bit.

So happy birthday little blog, lets hope this year is a good one!

All my love, 

PS I decorated this biscuit for you. I wanted to bake a cake, but didn't have the ingredients so had to be inventive.

19 November 2013

Operation Christmas Child 2013

I thought I'd just drop by briefly to tell you a little bit about Operation Christmas Child - an amazing project in which thousands of people wrap up shoe boxes full of small gifts for underprivileged children across the world who might not otherwise receive anything for Christmas. Last year the Operation Christmas Child in the UK sent nearly 1 million boxes to children in Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia - personally I think that's a pretty impressive figure!

Operation Christmas Child

There are fairly strict rules about what you can and can't send, but the idea is that in every box a child will find some sort of toy, something educational like stationary, a hygiene item like a toothbrush and other small things like sweeties, gloves hairclips etc.

aLittleBlonde: Operation Christmas Child at United Church Dorchester

This year we sent two boxes - one for a buy and one for a girl. Sadly I didn't get a chance to include anything handmade this time round, but here's hoping whichever children get these boxes will like what they find when they look inside.

aLittleBlonde: Operation Christmas Child

If you want to find out more about Operation Christmas Child then why not hop on over to their website. Or visit the wonderful Forty Percent Fringe: Sixty Percent Face and Wild Olive blogs who have also done boxes this year.

Did you join in with Operation Christmas Child? I'd love to know what you sent if you did!

10 November 2013

Life Lately - October 2013

October was a pretty big month for me this year. Aside from becoming another year older, I finished my summer job (which I am missing like you would not believe), moved back to Dorset from Sussex, got my first car, spent a lot of time catching up with friends I haven't seen in far too long, made a Christmas cake and of course enjoyed some spooky Halloween shenanigans. As you can see Hector really enjoyed being dressed up as a pirate.

I also did a fair bit of reading - 3 books in fact, which is pretty good going for me, considering one of them was a Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) book and therefore a bit of an epic both in terms of plot line and number of pages.

So it feels like Uni is now officially over, now that I am no longer working on campus or living in my university town. It's a bit sad really, but hopefully I will return to Sussex one day, although hopefully not as an Undergrad student again!