1 March 2013

BFC, a concert and a bear hunt!

I know I've mentioned the various musical things I do before in passing, like this post about singing on Songs of Praise, but I don't tend to give it much air time on this here blog. That's not really surprising given that this blog is primarily about my makes and bakes, but it does strike me as a little odd given that if you asked pretty much anybody back home to sum me up 'musical' would probably be the first thing anyone would say.

Music has been bred into me and is such a big part of my life that I consider it my 'normal'. Going to rehearsals every week, performing in front of people or hanging around at theaters/concert halls/churches for hours on end is just what I do. In fact not doing so would be highly abnormal for me - I can't imagine what it would be like to live in a house that wasn't musical (have I mentioned before that we don't have a dining room at home, we have a music room instead?).

What's my point? Well I'm doing a concert tomorrow and I thought maybe you would be interested in hearing about it. As I've said before, I'm a member of the Brighton Festival Chorus, and tomorrow we are doing a concert entitled 'The Glory of Venice' at St Bartholomew's church in Brighton. We're singing some truly amazing music in both two and three choir format and are being joined by Onyx brass who are performing some of their own repertoire as well as joining us for some of ours. If you're interested you can find out more about the concert via our Facebook page.

Half the choir rehearsing at St Barts on Tuesday night

It's an unusual, but equally beautiful church and I shall endeavor to take more photos tomorrow if I have time. Herein also lies a rather interesting baking challenge that shall be occupying me for most if this evening and tomorrow morning, but I shall let you know all about that on Sunday.

If choral music isn't so much you're thing then you might like this, another thing that's been happening with Brighton Festival Chorus this week...

We're performing in the Brighton Festival this year and, as the guest director for this year is Michael Rosen who wrote We're Going on a Bear Hunt, this video was made for the launch and we're in it! Keep your eyes pealed and you might be able to spot me - front row in the choir, pink scarf.

Have a lovely weekend, 

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