22 February 2013

Re-attempting coffee cupcakes

I've had the urge to bake a lot recently, so last weekend I thought I'd give the ill-fated coffee cupcakes I've made before here another whirl. I have to say they did look fairly good this time...

coffee cupcakes

I had assumed that where I went wrong last time was that I hadn't whipped the batter enough, as they're dairy free and just use eggs and air to give them height, and thought maybe I'd been a bit overzealous with the mixing like a mad thing folding in of the flour. So this time, armed with my trusty food processor (a gift from Mum ad Dad for christmas!) I set to thinking that extra whipping would resolve my problems. Sadly not. This time the sponge was just as flat, incredibly dense and foam-like as before.

coffee cupcakes

I'm not sure what it is I'm doing wrong. I swear by the recipe book* they come from, but I just can't get this recipe to come out right. So, by a process of elimination I reckon it's got to be due to the cooking time (you can't work by colour as I usually do as they don't brown), temperature (maybe my fan oven is a bit hot?) or I just need to keep whipping!

coffee cupcakes

I think next time I might just cheat and add some baking powder or use self-raising flour to try and get some rise in them. Either that or I'll use a standard coffee cupcake recipe and substitute in dairy-free marg instead. However I am determined to perfect the art of the dairy-free cupcake!!

This weekend I'm planning on attempting my first ever macarons, so wish me luck!


*please note this is an amazon associate link


  1. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. It's good to see someone younger enjoying the "crafty" life! Good luck with your final year, hope things work out well! xx

    1. And thank you for visiting mine! I've been doing crafty things since I was tiny and used to 'hold the pins' for Mum, but I've found I've got more addicted as I've gone through uni!


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