18 March 2013

Tea time!

I'm definitely more of a coffee than a tea person. I drink coffee every day without fail because I love the taste, the smell, it warms me up and I have to say the caffeine is much appreciated as well. But I do love a good cup of tea from time to time too, and I go through phases where I drink it a lot and then go for weeks if not months without. Although I blame that mostly on the fact that my stash is kept out of sight in a cupboard!

However, after mum bought me some new tea a couple of weekends ago I feel another tea drinking phase is about to begin! I was in search of a suitable diffuser when I realised just how much tea and assorted paraphernalia I have - my stash is really rather impressive for a self-confessed coffee drinker!

So, for my most recent study break tea experience I had some of my new tea from mum - Vanilla Supreme from the Gilded Teapot in Dorchester. It describes itself as:
A malty Indian Assam that has been blended with pieces of bourbon vanilla - for all tea lovers with a sweet tooth. A rich flavour with a perfectly balanced vanilla sweetness.
It wasn't quite as sweet as I was expecting, but personally I think that's a good thing as all the sweetness seemed to come from the Vanilla as opposed to feeling synthetic. And if you're a real sugar addict you can always add some more sugar yourself!

Now on to the big question - to milk or not to milk? As always I tried it without first which I enjoyed, but I much preferred it with a splash of milk which gave it a much smoother more rounded and mellow taste.

Now which of my tea stash shall I try next?

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  1. Love the little rubber duck! I tried mango and passion fruit tea on Saturday, it was surprisingly nice :)


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