2 May 2012

Today's excitement

So today is being spent revising and sorting through my mountains of notes to try and ascertain exactly what it is I'm missing - a task which seems to be taking forever and a day. I've also managed to be extremely productive on the procrastination front in discovering bloglovin' a great site for keeping track of all the blogs you read which is much, much more user friendly than the blogger dashboard. Indirectly this has also lead me to make a few changes round here, now that I'm a little more confident with blogging - how do you like the new look?

Anyway, I digress. Today I got a lovely little parcel in the post from my Mum. I love getting things in the post from her, she has the knack of sending the perfect things at just the right time! Anyway, for a while now we've been sending ginger bread men to eachother occasionally (don't ask me how that started), so I when I saw the small padded envelope with mum's distinctive handwriting I assumed it would be another gingerbread man to keep my spirits up. Imagine my surprise when I found the parcel actually contained this...

Jelly meerkats, MEERKATS I say!!!
I know, simple things please simple minds, but they're just soo cool!

Anyway, that's enough from me today, this blog is benefiting far more from my revision than my actual understanding of the course, so back to the revision notes. I dare say this won't be the last you hear from me today though.

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