14 May 2012

A little bit of sunday sunshine

Guess what? It was sunny yesterday!! And it stayed that way all day long - at last it's beginning to feel a little more like spring. Having said that it did then rain all day today, but at least I was able to absorb enough vitamin D to keep me going until the next sunny day, hopefully it won't be too soon...

Doesn't everything seem just that bit easier and brighter (literally I suppose!) when the sun is shining? I'm terrible with the weather, as soon as it clouds over and starts to drizzle I have the overwhelming urge to curl up with a hot drink and a blanket and hibernate until the sun come out again. Likewise as soon as it gets dark and I've had my dinner I am physically incapable of moving from where I'm sat, it's quite an occupational hazard!!!

So in our little patch of sunshine yesterday I'm proud to announce that I did indeed manage to get to the market before work, after an additional little detour to the bridge at the Cliffe end of the high street to look out over the river in the sunshine.

Whether it's a river or the sea I can't help stopping for a little look, whatever the weather.
My little detour then took me back past a certain coffee shop on way to the market, and eventually the shop, which proved just too hard to resist, hence the distinct lack of photos. Despite my best intentions (by which I the remarkable occurrence of me actually remembering to take my camera somewhere rather than relying on my iPhone), juggling a camera and on overfull frosted mint iced latte (how posh am I?) just proved too much for me. Especially given that I was wearing my new summer uniform and white, yes white leggings - I'm either mad or stupid, can't decide which!

Anyway, just to prove I went, I did manage to get one photo of the market from afar without any spillage...

Not the most exciting shot I know, but at least it proves I was there!
 It was a lovely quiet day at work, most likely due to the gorgeous weather, so I didn't feel quite as knackered as I usually do at the end of the day, giving me some time whilst the sun was still shining to do a bit of project photography at last. I've done a little more work to it since taking the photos, but I'm pleased to say that I shall be revealing my new ongoing project either tomorrow or Wednesday, essay permitting, so keep your eyes peeled if you want to see what I've been up to over the last couple of days' study breaks.

So that's all from me for today, I hope everyone managed to catch at east a little bit of sun this weekend, no matter how fleeting, and didn't find Monday morning too stressful!

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