8 May 2012

Waterfalls and Wool

Today has been one of those days were it gets to about half 7 and you have to make the decision - Do I soldier on and try to achieve what I meant to today? OR Do I mark today as a write off, give in and have a bit of time off? Quess which one I picked?

Today started with me declaring that I could not possibly be getting a cold and should therefore get up and have a nice long hot shower and all would be right with the world. An hour later and I'm downstairs having done the mountain of washing up that I had left festering from the night before and, hmm... mysterious dripping noise, where's that...OH!

And so it continued, with drip turning to puddle, turning to full on waterfall. So you can see why I didn't get much done today, what with the new inbuilt water feature in the living room requiring large portions of my day spent emptying the various receptacles I had strategically placed, mopping up the mess and performing a spot of minor ceiling surgery to burst the newly formed water balloon before it exploded.

On further insepction it appears the living room falls had nothing to do with my shower (or at least we hope so!), thank heavens, but is actually due to a dripping pipe which I have since shut off - woo go me! Today fixing a kitchen tap and learning what to do with a stopcock, tomorrow the world!

Anyway, today wasn't all doom and gloom, despite the destinct lack or uni related productivity. I did at least manage to get my room back in order so that I an ready to make a good fresh start tomorrow with revision, even if I now have the distraction of Dad arriving to fix the offending pipe tomorrow morning!

On the way to my lecture I stopped off at the Martlets Hospice shop and found that they sell wool, and cheap reasonable quality wool at that! In the dimly lit corner of the shop it was rather difficult to tell the exact colours, but either way I liked them, they were cheap and the profits go to charity, so who cares if they're not quite right and they just sit in my stash? But when I got home, much to my delight, it appears the random assortment I chose are in fact the exact colours I have been looking for unsuccesfully for so long. Result! So at last I have all the colours I need, and what's more I know exactly where I can get more when I run out.

So, which of my various projects to start with first?
I've got a little quick filler project to be getting on with for now whilst I make up my mind, but more of that another time. For now, I'll leave you with this, can you guess where I got my colour choices from?

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