12 May 2012

Here comes the sun...

At last, a break in the rain clouds and some actual, real, warm sun that lasts more than 10 minutes! Just a pity that I had to spend the day cooped up at work really, but never mind, at east it's starting to feel like spring at last! Having said that I've now definitely set myself up for a rainy day tomorrow now haven't I?

The last week has been a bit of an odd one, and not exactly the most productive one on record. I had originally intended to have Monday off to do a bit of shopping and catch up with myself and then spend the rest of the week doing some exam prep and revision - a different exam every day. As you may have guessed from my post on Tuesday, things didn't quite pan out the way I expected, with life seeming to get in the way at every turn! Never mind, what's done is done and this week wasn't a complete waste of space revision-wise, it just didn't quite match up to how much I was hoping to get done.

On the plus side I did manage to start a new project with the wool I bought the other day, which I will be telling you about very soon, just as soon as I can get outside in the sunshine to take a few 'work in progress' photographs. I thought I had made a good start during what free time I've had, but working it out just now has revealed that I'm still only 0.0138% of the way through. Impressive, huh? Needless to say it is a rather large project, so my efforts so far do seem somewhat insignificant to say the least.

It being a Sunday I've got a shorter day at work tomorrow, so hopefully it will be lovely and sunny again. I don't start work until 10 on Sunday, so when it's a reasonably nice day (even if it is freezing!) I sometimes like to leave for work a little earlier and take a detour to the market that pops up next door to the shop every Sunday - an activity that sometimes needs to be accompanied by a trip to costa on the way, purely for medicinal purposes you have to understand, I have to have something to stop me from freezing over on fresh Sunday mornings. The accompanying caffeine kick and sugar rush can't do much harm either

So I wonder what tomorrow will bring? Another sunny day, a trip to the market and a spot of new project photography, or a dash to work whilst trying to avoid the puddles, a quick glance at the real hardcore stallholders and market-goers who show up whatever the weather and curling up on the sofa after work, complete with wool and a brain & behaviour textbook?

The former sounds much more appealing to me, but either way I hope you all have a lovely relaxed sunday, come rain or shine, and indulge in a little sunbathing/puddle jumping on my behalf.

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