19 May 2012

A mini milestone

Yesterday marked a mini milestone in the uni year. Whilst many unis across the uk and a lot of my friends (jammie dodgers!) are breaking up for the summer, here at my uni we've still got 5 weeks of term left. Five. Whole. Weeks. Four of which for me contain exams. Is my uncontrollable excitement at what the next 5 weeks entail not just brimming over and beaming out of your computer screens?

Anyway, this weekend marks the middle point of the last term of second year, which means that yesterday I went to my last lecture of the year. Woop! No new stuff for me to learn - unless you count revision that is. But of course I should already know all the content from this year right? Because revision is simply looking over all those detailed notes you made for yourself when exams were still a distant alien concept and on just glancing at your notes all that information should come flooding back, crystal clear and 100% factually correct. Ahem.

More importantly, yesterday I handed in my last piece of coursework of the year, now that really is something to celebrate!! It was 6 days early as well, which never happens, but I figured if I had loads of exams to revise for I better get it done and out the way earlier if I could.

So whilst I was doing the last oh so tiring corrections and an entire structural revamp of my essay I found myself playing with a piece of pink tack. Then surreptitiously stabbing it with a pen... And then I noticed what I had in front of me was a little bit of art and with a little bit of embellishment could be made into something pretty...

I've never been one to doodle, as I seriously lack artistic talent and I can't seem to be able to disengage my brain enough to just start drawing and see what it turns into. I have to say I was fairly proud of my own mixed media take on Doodling!

I also come across this on my travels in to uni to hand in my last piece of coursework. It seemed so apt set up outside the media, film and music building. Making a statement, but not invasive at the same time. It so does annoy me when you get installations and bits of art that just seem to scream for your attention and not necessarily in the right way. This grabs your attention just enough to make you pause, but doesn't feel like it's pointing out how culturally inept you are. I simply cannot stand art that makes you feel uneducated, like you are somehow missing 'the point' of it. I like what I like and often I can't tell you why!! But this I like.

I'm heading back to to lovely Dorset for a few days tomorrow so I can spend some time revising at my parents house, so apologies if things are a bit quiet on here over the next few days. But then again, now I'm getting into the blogging grove I may find I end up blogging more whilst I'm back home, we'l have to see.

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