8 June 2012

Here Comes the Sun...

Sorry it's been a little quiet around here recently, it's exam season so revision, exams and work are taking up every single waking hour (and some of my dreams!). It feels like these exams have been going on forever now, what with the random summer and then this spell of deepest darkest winter, it's been quite funny sat by the window watching the word go by.

I've had some good exams, some distinctly dodgy ones, broke the printer in the exam room twice, had a somewhat stressed train journey from Dorset yesterday to be back in time for this morning's exam and experienced walking across campus at 9am on a bank holiday Monday morning on the way to an exam - it was soo peaceful it was unbelievable! (and yes, they really did go there. Why not schedule an exam for 9:30 on a bank holiday?)

We're nearly there now though, only 2 exams left, spread over one and a half weeks and I've finally allowed myself some time off! That's right, after my exam this morning I came home and did absolutely nothing except mess about with my laptop and watch Harry Potter! At last some head space!

Anyway, I shall stop boring you with my exam related antics for now and leave you with this photo that I took the other day. It seemed somewhat apt at the time given that I had just got back from what was hopefully the worst of my exams.

This seems to sum up my life at the moment, but still brings
 a smile to my face, thanks Mum!

So that's it for now, hopefully normal service shall resume shortly once I have a little more time on my hands! Apart from anything else despite not posting, my brain has been going into overdrive with potential posts and project ideas, even if I haven't written any of it down yet. I have however still been taking a few photos so need to find something to say so that I can show them to you! The problem with having found so many lovely blogs to follow is that I am starting to get real hankerings for a proper camera to play with and pretty things to take photographs of. A lovely idea, but a rather expensive one which I'm not sure I'd necessarily use.

Thanks for listening to me ramble on about my boring exam ridden life, it's much appreciated!

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