2 April 2013

March 2013

February was a fairly quiet month with hours spent watching the Big Bang theory and Friends as I processed participants for the study I am running for my dissertation. Alas the deadlines are looming and 6 weeks from now I will just about be handing it all in and finishing uni. How scary is that?

At the beginning of the month my choir, Brighton Festival Chorus, had a concert which I baked up a storm for to try and entice some of the members to participate in my dissertation study. The cakey theme continued with my and varied tea and cake study breaks as well as a trip to Glyndebourne to see a new community opera (simply stunning!) and a trip home which involved snuggles with the puppy and a vesuvial rice pudding.

Towards the middle of the month Charlie tortoise woke up for spring (and appears to have taken one look out the window and gone back into hibernation!) and I got into the #PostCircle swing of things whilst continuing to bake my heart out and cook yummy meals to make the uni workload more bearable. I also indulged in a little cross stitch and in the last few days started a new project which I'll be sharing soon. There were of course more snuggles with a very sleepy squishy puppy.

What have you been up to this month? If you've done a roundup too please do leave me a link, I'd love to see.


  1. Heyyyy! Just wondering, what is #postcircle? I always see you blogging about it but I have no idea what it involves? :) Also. what word is missing here? "The cakey theme continued with my and varied tea and cake study breaks". I've been substituting stuff in haha but I figure I should probably ask you! I do love reading your blogs though, mine isn't half as interesting and definitely doesn't look half as pretty! Plus, I tend to lack the motivation to actually write on it! :( xxxx

    1. #postcircle is something set up on the Miss Beatrix blog where there's a whole group of us that basically send nice snail mail to each other. It's good fun :) Haha, I didn't realise I'd made a mistake there as well, I've been trying to substitute words in too, but the honest answer is that the 'and' shouldn't be there.
      I didn't realise you were a blogger too! Send me a link and I might give you a little mention ;)


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