18 April 2013

Going into hybernation

aLittleBlonde - Thumb-splodge biscuits
Hello! I just wanted to drop by quickly to say hi and to apologise for my sporadic posting over the next few weeks. Yesterday was my last official day of contact time at uni, so now I've just got three weeks off in which to finish off my dissertation and other bits of coursework and then I'll be all done! How scary is that? Those three years have gone so quickly, yet it seems like I've been at uni forever.
I can however promise that, although I may be away from my blog a little more than usual, I'll still have lots to share when I get the time. For example these rather yummy biscuits which I'm in the process of perfecting. I'm also working on a 22 before 22 update which I'll hopefully put up over the weekend as I have a day off(!!!) booked into my study schedule on Sunday.
So bye for now and hope to see you soon,
Alex - aLittleBlonde
PS You can still find me hanging around on twitter and instagram whilst I'm away. I find thy are great sources of procrastination!


  1. Those biscuits look very tempting. Good luck with your dissertation...I remember those days well.

    Gillian x

    1. I'm so sorry I haven't replied sooner! They were a real life saver when I was finishing off uni, and they must have worked as I got a first for my dissertation project!


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