16 February 2013

Lent at last

Deary me it's been busy the last few days. Manageable busy and I feel like I've achieved a lot this week, but still there's a lot to do. I was hoping to get a bit time off this weekend to recuperate, but there's been no sign yet! However, this does mean that not only have I not done any blog reading in nearly a week, but I've also neglected to tell you about my resolutions for lent.

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You can read a bit more about lent here in a post I wrote last year when I decided to go vegetarian and give up chocolate and takeaways. I think I managed it with reasonable success, although I did have a fair few Sundays off!

This year I've decided to do pretty much the same thing - I've given up chocolate (as my chocoholism has been getting progressively worse through my degree, oops!) and gone vegetarian. I haven't bothered with giving up takeaways though as I have so few anyway. I thought about giving up takeaway coffees as well as I get through a fair few of them and it's draining my already small budget, but I've already limited myself with my New Years resolution to only have one takeaway coffee a week and that seems to be suiting me so far. As they say, a little bit of what you fancy does you good!

Have you given anything up for lent? If so I'd love to hear what and why.



  1. I haven't but I meant to try and give up biscuits. But given how many biscuits I ate last night I think I have missed the boat! :/

    1. Oh no! It's never to late, it's the thought that counts even if you slip up every now and then. I accidentally managed to slip up on the first day without even realizing - it wasn't until I put the empty packet in the bin that it registered that I'd just eaten a dried fruit and nut mix with chocolate raisins in it!


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