30 October 2012

Twitter - to split or not to split?

In writing this post this afternoon and then finding this post on UK Craft Blog I've decided to leave things as they are on twitter, with the exception of changing my Twitter name to aLittleBlonde and planing to make more use of lists and direct messages to organise things a bit better. So... this is me!

But, if you're interested in what I had to say earlier, then read on...

This is something I've been wondering about for a while now and The Pampered Sparrow's post the other day got me wondering about it again - how much do I want to share? At the moment I only have one twitter account that serves both me and aLittleBlonde. Although that makes things easier to manage, it does mean that my tweets, people I follow and interactions with others are somewhat mixed between me talking with friends, choir stuff, the things I get up to every day and things going on with aLittleBlonde.

On the internet I like to keep things fairly anonymous as aLittleBlonde. I'm not hiding my 'real-life' name/face, but I'm not particularly publicising it either - to be honest I can't decide quite how much I want to share. How much do I want aLittleBlonde to be directly traceable to me? (especially when you take potential future employers into account!). Hopefully you won't find many direct references to the 'real' me, not that she's really any different to aLittleBlonde, although I do hint every now and then and talk about where I live rather a lot - just have a look at my tags to see what I mean!

So what's my point? Well, there are many different strands to what makes me me - there's the third year psychology student, the daughter of two incredibly musical parents, the friend, the choir girl  the school friend  the employee of a big high street store I'm not allowed to mention, the potential future teacher and graduate, the crafter and of course aLittleBlonde. Most of that gets summed up anonymously (unless you know me personally and make the connection) in aLittleBlonde and there isn't a defining line where one begins and the other ends. At the moment my twitter page is both me and aLittleBlonde and I'm not overly sure whether to leave it that way or split things up a bit. Apart from anything else, my twitter feed must seem rather random to my followers sometimes!

So is it time to make the split - one twitter account for me and one for aLittleBlonde? There's just a couple of things holding me back - for a start how on earth do I split myself in two? Do I need to? What if there's something I want to say through both my personal twitter account and aLittleBlonde - do I copy and paste, retweet myself...? What about those who follow both?

Well done if you've managed to make it to the end of this rather wordy post! Please do let me know if you've got any thoughts. What do you think - to split or not to split?

Happy Tuesday, 

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