24 October 2012

Songs of Praise Big Sing

Just a quick post today to say that I was on TV at the weekend. Yes, you heard it right! I'm a member of the Brighton Festival Chorus, who for the last couple of years have been invited by BBC Songs of Praise to take part in the Big Sing as one of their 3 stage choirs for the event.

It's always a great experience and really interesting to see how the programmes are made and what Aled Jones and the guests for that episode are like when the cameras aren't rolling. And yes, I can confirm that Aled was his usual bouncy self and Jaz Ellington (from the BBC's The Voice) seemed like a genuinely lovely person from where we were sat. As for Alfie Boe? Well, BFC have worked with Alfie before, which I'll tell you about when I get a spare moment, and he too was as lovely and ever so slightly mischievous as normal.

At the recording day back in September we filmed two episodes - this one aired on Sunday and one scheduled for some time between Christmas and new year, making a change from the usual one episode for the Big Sing and one episode for Christmas. Although I'm personally a really big fan of anything Christmas, it was nice to have a break from singing Carols in September this year, although the switch over in the break between recordings is always funny as Christmas trees and festive jumpers appear whist the stage choirs are urged to don a bit of sparkle to get in the festive mood.

Some students have festival wristbands,
I have a songs of praise one.

So if you watched it at the weekend or fancy stalking me on the iplayer before it disappears, I'm in the stage choir so dressed in black concert dress, early twenties (ouch it hurts to say that!), long blond hair... or you could just fast forward to 22:26 if you're that desperate.

It always makes me laugh that if you mention songs of praise at BFC one of the first things anyone will say is something along the lines of "and they give you lunch, nice sandwich, crisps, a bit of fruit, bottle of water and a kitkat. And tea and biscuits in the break". it's true musicians do love their food...

Apologies, this post was somewhat longer than intended and pretty much picture-less, but I had a feeling the BBC wouldn't be too pleased if I started print-screening directly from iPlayer and then posting it on here!

Happy Wednesday,

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