4 July 2012

"It's important to begin everything with www dot..."

So I'm back in Sussex for about a week to get in a few extra hours at work and I've decided that the next few days are going to be all about the interweb - updating, reorganising and connecting.

I've been meaning to have a bit of an update and general overhaul of my internet usage recently and I've decided that now is the time to do it, with planned updates to my own personal facebook page, the creation of a separate facebook page specifically for this blog and updates to twitter and the other social networking sites that I am a member of.

Hopefully in a few days time I will have a much more organised and consistent internet presence with everything linked up and a new look for a lot of my pages. So keep an eye out as everything has a bit of an update! Of course I shall be following the help and advice of the wonderful UK Craft Blog and iMake blog as I'm still very new to the blogosphere and have a lot to learn.

So, for future reference, here is what my blog and twitter profile currently look like:

Here I go, wish me luck!


  1. Hi, just popped over from Oooh Betty!
    I am always wanting to improve my blog etc but it all drives me completely nutty.
    Keep up the good work.
    Emma. Xx

    1. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! Despite my best intentions my overhaul plans ended up getting sidelined a bit this week, but I live in hope that I'll get there some time soon, it just might take a while!! xx


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