19 June 2012

School's Out For Summer!

At log last, as of this morning, the exams are all over and I can now finally have some much needed time off to do as a please. Well, when I say do as I please... it's a pity that has to be campus based as my exam finished at 11:30 and I've had to hang around campus all day for a rehearsal tonight at 7:15, but never mind. At long last I've been able to sit and just stare out the window, catch up on a bit of blog reading and scroll though facebook without the familier pang of 'haven't you got something better to do?' guilt. Lush. The funny thing is, after all that fantasising about everything I could do now the exams are over all I really want to do is curl up ad go to sleep and then maybe sit staring into space for a little bit. I think my brain hasn't quite caught up with the fact that it's technically the summer holidays now, so it needn't do anything intllectual unless it wants to untill September!

Not that I plan on vegetating and wasting away my freedom though. No, I've got plans, lots and lots of very vague and unorganised plans, but plans none the less. So, what's first on my end of exams bucket list?

1. Sit in the sun with a Cappucino milkshake and a bar of bourneville, admiring the need to do absolutely nothing at all. Check. I do think it's funny that it's chucked it down over the last few weeks, yet the day I finish my exams the sun comes out. What perfect timing!

2. Get back into my blogging mojo. Check. Well, at least on my way anyway. This counts right? I have so many snippets of ideas and photographs from the last few weeks that never quite made it to proper blog posts because of severe lack of time. It feels a bit like the moment's past to tell you about it now really, seeming as it was so long ago. But then again it seems a waste not to do anything with the photographs. Perhaps I'll have to do a quick catch up photo collage post in the next couple of days, just to prove that I didn't completely forget about you during this exam season!

Well, err, the next couple of things on my summer bucket list aren't actually acheiveable within the constraints of a few hours hanging around on campus, so that seems it for my progress for today, but 2 points down, that's not bad going for a couple of hours. Even if the points where somewhat easy to acheive!

So, I've now got 2 whole days ahead of me to do whatever I wish with before heading to work (not uni work I hasten to add!). What to do with myself?
Well I have several lists which seem to be getting longer by the hour in my trusty little pink notebook...

Saving grace - my little pink notebook and pink tictacs!

It really has been invaluable over the last few days. Once my brain gets working I don't really have much choice over what it spews out. It appears my brain only really does on or off. I can add additional stuff like exam revision, but I simply cannot stop blog ideas, lists of creative ideas and shopping lists from forming as well. I've had to keep my shopping list with me pretty much at all times while revisng, simply so that I can write stuff down before I forget, so I thought it was time to start writing down some of my more interesting and creative thoughts into this notebook so that they too don't suffer the same fate. The good news is it seems to be working and it's filling up fast!

Maybe it's my brain's equivalent of the 'inbox full' message you get when you need to clear out a few emails before you can except anymore. Maybe it's my brain telling me it's full and needs emptying a bit before taking in any more information? It certainly feels like I get the blue screen of death somethimes...

Anyway, I digress. So what to do over my couple of free days? Well maybe I'll have a go at acheiveing some of the things in my little pink notebook? Or maybe I'll just catch up on sleeping, all the tv I missed and read my book. Who knows. What matters is that I don't have to really do anything over the next few days except maybe go to the supermarket and do some washing. Bliss. Lovely uncomplicated, non-taxing bliss.

Anyway, I do hope I find you all well and you're all out enjoying the sun. Hopefully it will stay like ths for the rest of the summer now. I know, ever the optimist, but it would be nice wouldn't it?

Thankyou for listening to me waffle on about the veritable mountain of uni stuff I've had over the last few weeks, it's been much appreciated, and I promise normal service will resume as of... well... now really!

I promise to be back very soon, aLB

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