27 January 2012

New years resolution number 2...

Since starting university I decided it was time to take a bit more control of my eating habits and lose some weight. It was slow going at first, and my targets where fairly conservative, but in my first year I managed to loose 2 stone, followed by another stone since the October just gone, taking me to an overall loss of 3 stone and 3 dress sizes, and I have to say I'm loving my new shape (and the clothes and newfound confidence that go with it!).

Having now made up for Christmas (let's face it, who doesn't over indulge just a little bit) I decided it was time to shift my focus from loosing weight to trying to get healthier - cue my second new years resolution:
To try and exercise more.
Now, I know that's fairly vague, with the main emphasis on the word 'try', but from a self confessed exercise-phobic that's a big commitment!

Last weekend I went for my first run with the aid of a podcast designed to get even the unhealthiest of people running. Twenty minutes in and I'd outrun my planned route, had started to curse the cheesy music and smug instructor and was thoroughly bored. Not exactly the start I had hoped for.
I mean who in their right mind creates a podcast for running which has one track with 5 beats in a bar? Unless you have five legs, what are you supposed to do? Hop every now and then to try and keep in time?

So, this morning a decided to try again, although this time without the podcast or the annoying lady. Instead I chose my route, checked the clock and ran until it hurt, then walked for a bit, then carried on running etc. Perhaps a little haphazard, but I managed it without feeling the need to hit anyone half way round. So now I have a time to beat, admittedly on a very short route, but still it's amazing how much more appealing your next run becomes when you're in competition with yourself!

When will my next run be? Who knows! Maybe tomorrow, maybe next Friday, but one thing is for certain, it will happen - and hopefully it will be considerably more successful than my first attempt!

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