24 January 2012

A new years resolution... (mark 2)

It appears I have myself my first blog fail.
Note to self: always make a copy of your blog posts, so that if they magically disappear you can simply copy and paste them back and all's well that ends well!

Here we are:
Since September I've been doing an elective course at uni called 'Music, Stage and Screen', which got me thinking about how many of the classic films, especially movie musicals I haven't seen, or have only ever half heartedly watched during the holidays. It also reunited my love of musicals and the stage, which has sadly been on the back burner since I moved to uni.

So, to my first new years resolution:
To watch more classic movies, in particular movie musicals.

If you've got any suggestions feel free to leave a comment below and I'll let you know how I get on

Now the question is, where do I start? There are a couple on my list already, but which one to choose? Perhaps, judging by the weather out there today 'Singing in the Rain' would be appropriate...

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  1. Well, you asked for suggestions... you could try Cabaret, which I'm sure you haven't seen, or Sweet Charity. Kismet is always good for a laugh, although don't take it too seriously, but if you want to enjoy something new I'd look out for Kiss Me Kate. Assuming Wozzek is not on the list!


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