16 May 2013

My first day of freedom

Today is my first official day of freedom having handed in my dissertation on Monday and my last essay yesterday. I cannot believe I've actually finished my degree, it doesn't seem real! What on earth am I supposed to do with myself now?!?

Well I decided to make myself a list and just make things up as I go. So what's today's plan? Well first up I'm think a couple of hours catching up on other people's blogs, and working on things for my own, then perhaps a quick jaunt to the shops, followed by a little baking, maybe coffee with a friend (we need to test the baked goods you see) and then a bit of cross stitch in front of the tv or perhaps I will dig out my poor old springtime throw which is languishing somewhere in the bottom of my craft cupboard.
Edit: now I've realised I first blogged about the springtime throw a year ago today, I think I'd better go and dig it out!

I have an awful lot of things to share and an incredibly long lost of projects to be working through, not to mention my list of 22 things to do before my 22nd birthday which I am officially supposed to be starting today and shall be posting an update of tomorrow.

Anyway I shall love you and leave you and hope you are having an absolutely marvellous day. What are you up to? I'd love to hear!

PS I am of course listening to this on repeat at full volume and dancing round the house like a nutter! At least until my house mates return from their exams/uni that is, then I shall be silent nutter and contain the dancing to my room ;)

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