23 May 2013

22 before 22

You may remember me posting about this a little while ago here, but if not here's the low down- I decided that to keep me busy after finishing uni I would create myself a list of 22 things to do before my 22nd birthday starting from the 15th of May, the day I handed in my last piece of coursework. It's taken me a while to come up with a list I'm happy with, but I think I'm there, so here's the finished version:

1. Start a ripple blanket
2. Finish the springtime throw I started ages ago
3. Make a dress
4. Graduate!
5. Get involved in musical theatre again
6. Get a job
7. Have a go at patchwork
8. Redecorate my bedroom
9. Remodel at least one item of clothing I would otherwise have taken to the charity shop
10. Visit another country
11. Learn to knit
12. Blog a recipe I've come up with
13. Reteach myself to crochet. It appears I hold everything wrong!
14. Make myself a pair of socks
15. Go to London on my own
16. Give blood
17. Make french macarons
18. Pass my driving theory test
19. Read a classic novel
20. Make something in miniature
21. Go to the opera (done! post coming soon...)
22. Make an item of clothing from scratch without using a pattern

So that gives me about 5 months to get all this done. Right, I'd better get a wriggle on!

You can find the master copy of the list in the tabs up the top where I shall of course link in every time I achieve one of these or to find all the posts about 22 before 22 you can click here.


  1. Hm I like this list of short term goals to get done before your birthday! You've inspired me to make a 30 before 30 :) Off to ponder... (see if I get there or not, coryographies.blogspot.com!)

    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! I thought it would be nice to set myself a list with a deadline just to make sure that I did all that stuff and stopped putting some of it off. Here's hoping it will work! Let me know if you make one too :)


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