17 March 2012

Happy Mothering Sunday!

So tomorrow is mothering Sunday, with sons and daughters alike across the country buying gifts, cards and flowers for their mums (and sometimes even their grandmothers and aunties!)  But where does this tradition come from?

Mothering Sunday in the UK is originally a Christian event marking the 4th Sunday in lent, the one Sunday in which people, daughters in particular, who worked in the big houses would return to their home (mother) church rather than attending their usual church closest to where they worked ( known as a daughter church). 
Today mothering Sunday is more about spoiling mums and thanking them for the all the little things they do for us all year round.
When I was little I used to ask my dad why, if there was a mothers day and a fathers day, there wasn't a daughters day (I'm afraid sons didn't get a look in!) and he would always say that everyday is daughters day. I think he had a point there! Think of all the things you mum does or has done for you every day, just because. Think of all the little things she's bought you as a treat, just because she thinks you deserve it, and think about all the times you've given her hassle or not been quite as grateful as you should have been. 

Whilst mothering Sunday is a great excuse to celebrate our mums, it can also be one of the most difficult days of the year for some people, particularly those who have lost their mums, or for those mothers who have lost their children. On the other hand it can also be a special time for new mums or even those waiting to adopt or be adopted. Either way it's all about family and stopping to appreciate all the little things that mums do for us.

As well as being mothering Sunday, the 4th Sunday in lent is also refreshment Sunday, where everything is about food - and yes, that means that you're allowed to indulge in all the things you've given up for lent! So what've you got planned for this mothering Sunday? Why not spoil your mum by combining the two and taking care of the cookingmformthe day, even if that means a sneaky takeaway - we promise we won't tell!

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