10 February 2012

My final new years resolution...

I've made reasonable progress with my new years resolutions so far this year, so I thought it was time for one more, because nowhere does it say that new years resolutions have to start on January the 1st does it? It's still February, that counts as the new year, right?

Since setting my new years resolutions however many weeks ago I've managed to watch (and actually pay attention to!) 2 classic films I'd never really stopped to appreciate before, which is no mean feat considering the amount of free time I have at the moment. I've also managed to keep up the running, despite my rather naive choice of suitable clothing for a run at half 7 in the morning when it's minus 4 and like an ice rink outside. The phrase 'either brave or stupid' comes to mind, and in this case I'm pretty certain it was the latter.
Anyway, despite my varied success at my somewhat vague new years resolutions and haphazard way of going about them, this leads me on to my final new years resolution - the very fact that you are reading this is somewhat of a give-away, but here we are...
New years resolution number 3: To write a blog post at least once a week. Every week.
Yes, you heard me right, I am committing myself to posting at least once a week and there's no way of interpreting that one to my advantage! As Friday is my one day off a week and I will endeavour to post something every Friday as far as is possible, with additional posts during the week as and when I have the time and something potentially interesting to say.

So there we have it, my new years resolutions:
No 1: To watch more classic movies, Musicals in particular.
No 2: To try and exercise more.
And finally, No 3: To blog at least once a week, probably on a Friday.
I wonder how long I can keep this up for...

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