17 February 2012

Legally Blonde on the West End

I first discovered legally blonde the film in middle school when I was off school with glandular fever and quickly became properly addicted to it. Even now, having not watched the film for a good few years (its true, sadly you can have too much of a good thing) I dare say I could still parrot about 75% of the lines if it was in front of me - yes, there was a time when I could have got close to 100% if I'd concentrated!

So when legally blonde the musical opened in London, despite my slight obsession with the film being long gone I vowed to go and see it one day. A few years down the line and it was still sat at the bottom of my list entitled 'things to go and see one day...' and the closest I'd actually got to seeing the musical was adding the original London cast recording to my regular playlist on my iPod.

Now things at uni have been getting rather stressful recently, so when it was announced that the show was closing I decided that I had to get my bum into gear and go and see it with my mum as something to look forward to/a reward for my efforts in trying to keep up with uni, work and stay sane (which is no mean feat I can tell you!). We also discovered that we actually knew two of the cast members back from when they were teenagers in WOW Youth Musical Theatre (I'll tell you more about them another time), before they made it to the west end, so we got in touch and finally bought ourselves tickets for the other night.

Well, what can I say? I thoroughly enjoyed the stage show and the extra dimension the big musical numbers brought to the show, making it an almost separate entity from the film and definitely my preferred option over watching the DVD. There's very little dialogue in the musical, making it brilliantly fast paced and fun, just as it should be to match the larger than life characters. The think that really stood out for me though was Paulette, Elle's new best friend and beautician played brilliantly by Natalie Casey. Her quirky, yet awkward style makes her instantly loveable and a real hit with the audience, providing some of the biggest comic moments of the show in addition to her two big numbers, 'Ireland' and the 'Bend and Snap'.

So in summary all I have to say really is get out there and go see it for yourself because it's truly brilliant and such a shame that it's closing! I could quite happily sit here and talk about it all night, in my own little fluffy pink bubble, but for now all I have to say is that I will definitely be booking to go and see this when it comes near me on tour and quite possibly be telling you a little more about what I thought about the whole thing in more detail at a later date), but for now I leave you with this...

Snaps for Paulette!

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