28 November 2012

Accidental Christmas purchases

Just a quick post today whilst the photos for my next post are brewing and the dinner is cooking. I popped into one of the gift shops I frequent in Lewes earlier for a quick browse (fatal I know!) and saw these two. I did, however manage to be very self-restrained and refrain from buying them to save my pennies.

However, when I had to walk past the shop again this afternoon after my second trip to the supermarket to pick up the stuff I forgot the first time my self-restraint wavered a little bit and look what I accidentally bought....

Oops! I was a very good girl and managed to underspend on my weekly shop so thought I'd treat myself. Plus I've been meaning to make gingerbread for ages and had no suitable tin to store and transport it to work in so the tin was kind of an essential... kind of. And who wouldn't love the little wooden snowman calendar, hey?

Happy Wednesday,
aLittleBlonde xx

PS The tin appears to be made by dotcomgiftshop and you can find it here. I love that shop!


  1. Love your purchases (even if they were naughty ones)! Thanks for popping by and leaving me a lovely comment too :)

    S x

    1. Thank you, I absolutely refuse to feel guilty! And a big thank you for popping by my blog and leaving a comment :)


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