29 July 2013

22 before 22 update

First up I want to say a little thank you to Not So Granny for reminding me that it's about time I got a wriggle on with my list! I've got just over two months now and counting to achieve all 22 things I wanted to do before my 22nd birthday, and at my last count I have only achieved a measly three and a half, maybe four of those things. 

So, in list order I have achieved - 

4. Graduate! 

6. Get a job. It's only a temporary one, but still I am really enjoying it, despite having to behave like a grown up for large parts of the day (something I don't always achieve successfully!)

7. Have a go at patchwork

21. Go to the opera

Sorry things have been a little quiet recently, I'm going to blame it mostly on number 6!

See you soon, 


  1. I really need to get a move on with my list as well. Congrats on graduating and I love the patchwork, good luck with the rest of your list!


    1. Ooh I like some of the things on your list! And it's funny to see how we both have some very similar things :) How long do you have left to finish yours?
      Alex x


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